December 2023

Take a look at the fantastic cover for the US version of Catherine Steadman’s LOOK IN THE MIRROR

When Nina’s father dies, she is left something in his will: a house that she never knew existed, a gleaming dream vacation home in a balmy tropical paradise.

She’ll find out the hard way that what you inherit from those you love can end up costing you everything in this heart-pounding thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Something in the Water.

NINA, still grieving from the loss of her father, discovers that she has inherited property in the British Virgin Islands–a vacation home she had no idea existed, until now. The house is extraordinary: state-of-the-art, all glass and marble. How did her sensible father come into enough money for this? Why did he keep it from her? And what else was he hiding?

MARIA, once an ambitious medical student, is a nanny for the superrich. The money’s better, and so are the destinations where her work takes her. Just one more gig, and she’ll be set. Finally, she’ll be secure. But when her wards never show, Maria begins to make herself at home–her days are spent luxuriating by the pool, in the sauna. There’s just one rule: Don’t go in the basement. That room is off limits. But her curiosity might just get the better of her. And soon, she’ll wish her only worry was not getting paid.

It’s paradise. But you might not like what you see.

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