Our dedicated and experienced in-house translation rights team are an integral part of the agency and have sold rights into over 50 languages and into more than 100 territories.

In collaboration with our primary agents, we ensure our authors have the best chance of success internationally through a multi-pronged approach. We work closely with our extensive network of contacts across the world and attend the major book fairs including Beijing, Frankfurt, London, and Sharjah as well as regularly travelling abroad to meet with editors.

Representing globally recognisable brands, characters, and authors, we secure the best deals on a global level. We firmly believe that foreign rights can completely alter the lifecycle of a novel with the translations reaching millions of readers internationally. Many of our authors are now international bestsellers and prize winners as well as enjoying huge success at home in the UK and US.

Latest Rights Sales

The Mother I Could Have Been by Kerry Fisher

Audio (Unabridged) rights sold to Audible in Audio

The Woman I Was Before by Kerry Fisher

Audio (Unabridged) rights sold to Audible in Audio

Messalina: A Story of Empire, Slander and Adultery by Honor Cargill-Martin

Translation rights World Spanish

The Book Share by Phaedra Patrick

Translation rights Portugal

The Little Italian Hotel by Phaedra Patrick

Translation rights Czech Republic

Our international co-agents

  • Albania, Bulgaria & Macedonia: Katalina Sabeva (Anthea, Sofia)
  • Arabic (World): Bassem El Kheshen and Gana Galal (Bear’s Factor Agency)
  • Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia: Vuk Perisic & Mila Perisic (PLIMA Literary Agency, Belgrade)
  • China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam: Gray Tan, Sherri Cheng (The Grayhawk Agency, Taipei)
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lucie Polakova (Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Prague)
  • Germany: (Adult titles only) Thomas Schlueck, Bastian Schlueck & Franka Zastrow (Thomas Schlueck Agency, Garbsen)
  • Greece: Michael Avramides (O.A. Literary Agency, Markopoulo)
  • Hungary: (Adult titles only) Miklos Lekli and Orsi Mészáros (Katai & Bolza, Budapest)
  • Italy: Roberta Oliva (Natoli, Stefan & Oliva, Milan)
  • Japan: Ken Mori and Misa Morikowa (Tuttle Mori Agency, Tokyo)
  • Korea: Danny Hong and Avery Kim (Danny Hong Agency, Seoul)
  • Poland: Lukasz Wrobel (Graal Ltd, Warsaw)
  • Romania: Simona Kessler and Andreea Focsaneanu (Simona Kessler Agency, Bucharest)
  • Russia: Elizabeth Van Lear & Olga Rogozina (Van Lear Agency, London, Moscow)