Bradley is back with Bang!

Vicki Bradley is back with a bang with her new, gripping thriller Your Life of Mine!

There were only ever two choices - your life or mine. Alana Loxton was part of the all-female team to take down Barratt, a notorious serial killer. He is safely behind bars when one of the detectives goes missing. Her disappearance, and the connection to the killer, could be a coincidence – but when her body is discovered days later, a link begins to form. Then another detective from the team goes missing and the situation becomes horrifically clear. Someone is picking them off one by one – and Alana’s name is next on the list . . . "The procedural details in this gripping murder story have the ring of truth — but then the author is a detective in the Metropolitan Police." Sunday Times Book Club.  Get your copy now, available in the UK and Ireland!