Dr Kate Hanson is back with a new look

Have you met Dr Kate Hanson? She's back and with a new look.

We're thrilled to see A.J. Cross's brilliant series back and with stunning new covers courtesy of Joffe Books. For five years, the remains of a young woman lie undisturbed in dark woodland on the outskirts of Birmingham. The gold necklace round her neck reads ‘Molly’. Now, watching the post-mortem, forensic psychologist Kate Hanson knows in a heartbeat that she’s looking at Molly Elizabeth James. She was only eighteen when she disappeared from a shopping centre in Solihull. DCI Bernie Watts’ team unearths more long-buried bodies in the area. Kate realises they’re dealing with a serial killer. One who abducted young women, torturing them for days before finally killing them. It’s up to Kate to work out why. She must dive deep into the twisted mind of the killer to anticipate their next move. Then another young woman’s body is found. It’s a fresh kill. Same MO. This cold case just got hot. "A series that shows the police in a very modern light." Sunday Times Full series available now available!