Secrets Typed in Blood Hits Shelves!

December 2022

The dynamic detectives Lillian Pentecost and Willowjean ‘Will’ Parker are back in another hugely entertaining and gripping 1940s Manhattan murder mystery

New York City, 1947.

For years, Holly Quick has written gruesome tales of revenge for pulp detective magazines. Now someone is bringing her stories to life and leaving a trail of blood behind. With the threat of another murder looming, and reluctant to go to the police, Holly turns to the renowned detective duo Willowjean “Will” Parker and her boss Lillian Pentecost.

Soon they are diving into an underground world of people obsessed with murder. Can the killer be found in the Black Museum Club, run by a philanthropist whose collection of grim murder memorabilia may not be enough to satisfy him? Or is it Holly’s pair of editors aren’t telling the full story?

With victims seemingly chosen at random and a murderer who thrives on spectacle, Pentecost and Parker need to act fast. For Holly Quick has her own secret and it’s about to bring death to their door…

If you’re a fan of Richard Osman, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Agatha Christie and M. C. Beaton you’ll love this hugely entertaining murder mystery.

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