Hunted is out today!

May 2018

Hunted, the second book in G X Todd’s Voices series, is out today!

The girl has no one to defend her now . . .

The hunt for the girl, Lacey, is on.

One man is tormented by an inner voice that isn’t his. It eats away at his sanity and, with cruel precision, orders the lawless to follow him. Their mission is to find the girl, steal what she knows … and kill.

In an Inn by the sea, Albus gathers a family of warriors and waits to be called upon. He doesn’t know yet why Lacey is important, but he trusts his sister. And Ruby says he must find the girl – before it’s too late.

A great power lives in Lacey and she has a destiny to fulfil. Whether for good or ill remains to be seen…

In a world where the biggest threat is the voice inside your head, a boy is on a quest to find a girl… before the Other does.

Todd’s first book, Defender, has been highly acclaimed and compared to Stephen King’s The Stand. 

Congratulations, Gemma!

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