German pre-empt for Kate Galloway

October 2023

German rights to debut Wild Swimming were sold in a pre-empt to Fischer.

Set in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, this uplifting and escapist story of self-discovery was snapped up and will publish in Germany in June 2024.


Flic is turning 35 and, like every year, is keen to avoid a big celebration with family and friends. Running out of excuses, Flic decides to book herself onto a wellbeing trek in a secret holiday destination; a decision she regrets when she realises the scale of the challenge she’s signed herself up for and the location of the trip. Destination: Highlands and Islands, Scotland.

Not one to give up at the first hurdle, Flic sets off on the trek with a group of strangers. As she tackles tent-building, going to the loo without a toilet, and foraging, Felicity also realises that she must re-learn how to build relationships and open up to others if she wants to truly be happy on her return to London.

But as Flic’s birthday approaches, the memories it evokes come crashing down and Felicity finds her past lurking in wait in the wilds of Scotland…

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