Emma Bamford’s EYE OF THE BEHOLDER is out now!

July 2024

It’s publication day for EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Emma Bamford’s new thriller novel!

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how much can you trust what you see?

When Maddy Wight is hired to ghostwrite the memoir of world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Angela Reynolds, she jumps at the chance to get her career back on track. But the deeper she digs, the more elusive the doctor becomes.

Confined to Angela’s glass-walled house in the Scottish Highlands, Maddy can’t shake the unsettling feeling of being watched. As a result, she is drawn ever closer to Angela’s enigmatic business partner Scott, whose mercurial moods change as quickly as the darkening moors outside.

Returning to London once the book is finished, Maddy is excited for their future together. But news of Scott’s death shatters the celebrations at the book’s launch party. Which is why, months later and still grieving, she is blindsided to see Scott entering a tube station just in front of her. And before she knows it, she is following him.

In this reimagining of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, jeopardy can be lurking where you least expect it…