Deep Water Publishes in the UK

July 2022

Emma Bamford’s incredible debut thriller Deep Water publishes today!

‘Powered by a subtle, ominous tension. I loved this book’ LEE CHILD

‘Paradise never felt so sinister’ RUTH WARE

‘An incredible debut’ B A PARIS

Lies can be buried… Secrets always come to the surface

Amarante is paradise…
An uninhabited, unspoilt island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
Only those who know it exists can find it.

But paradise comes with a price…
Virginie and Jake sail to Amarante for their honeymoon, but they are not alone.
They have to adjust to life on the island with five strangers.

And not everyone will live to tell the tale…
Dark secrets surface and their dream abruptly turns into a nightmare.
Removed from society, they find out what they’re truly capable of.


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