Debut publication day for L V Matthews

March 2021

A harmless prank. A tragic outcome. Now, the joke’s on them…Eleanor Greene is living a quiet life, until a chance encounter reveals a link between her father’s death and an infamous reality TV show.

She knows she should walk away, but the grief won’t let her. At first, El just watches the man behind the show. But then she starts to follow him, and soon she has infiltrated every part of his life.

And so the dark games begin, but who’s playing who?

When a body surfaces, the joke doesn’t seem so funny anymore…

‘Pacy, absorbing and brilliantly topical’ T.M. Logan, bestselling author of The Holiday

‘Clever and compelling’ Phoebe Morgan, bestselling author of The Doll’s House

‘Smart, sly, sophisticated suspense’ C.M. Ewan

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