Gareth Halliday


G.R. Halliday was born in Edinburgh in 1981 and grew up near Stirling in Scotland. As a child he was obsessed with the hauntings and paranormal mysteries which his father investigated and wrote books about.

After studying Ancient History at Edinburgh University he eventually moved to the Scottish Highlands with his partner to explore the wilderness, climb mountains and swim in the sea.

The magical highland landscapes heavily influence his writing, forming the backdrop for his D.I Monica Kennedy series. He worked as a graphic designer and editor for an entertainment magazine before publishing the first of these novels, From The Shadows, in 2019.

In 2021 he co-founded the Caledonia Crime Collective with a group of other Scottish crime authors. Aside from writing he is fascinated by psychology and currently runs a creative writing group for people in recovery from addiction at a charity in Inverness while working towards qualifying as a psychotherapist at the University of the Highlands and Islands.