Megan Murphy to be published in 2025!

Megan Murphy to publish her debut romance, Forget Me Not, with Alcove Press!

We're thrilled to announce that Megan Murphy's beautiful debut, Forget Me Not, is set to publish with Alcove Press in 2025. Winner of the Darley Anderson #PitchtoDA event 2023, it was quickly signed by Rebeka Finch. Megan's writing, characters and heartfelt yet humorous narrative captivated the Agency and have gone from strength to strength/ Her enemies to lovers, fake dating rom-com is just the first in what is sure to be a wonderful, exciting career!

Elle’s Grandmother Lovie has always taken care of her, as long as she can remember. But remembering is just the problem. With Lovie’s Alzheimer’s progressing fast, it’s Elle’s turn to step up.

Leaving Chicago behind, the last thing she expects when she walks through door the of her childhood home is Adam Wheeler. Least of all to be in HER BED. Live in nurse and pain in the ass, Adam is here to do his job. Eat, sleep, nurse, repeat.

Thrown together to care for Lovie, tensions rise and lines are drawn, but there’s a bigger problem: in her Alzheimer’s riddled mind, Lovie’s convinced that Elle and Adam are madly in love.

Certain she’ll forget by morning, Elle and Adam play along. The only snag, she doesn’t…

Lovie is the only person who thinks this is real…so why is Elle fantasizing about him when he’s not around? And why is it getting harder to pretend?

Congratulations Megan!