Without Fail

Lee Child

How does the United States Secret Service protect the President and Vice President? And how can it know it’s doing the very best job it can? One newly promoted female team leader has a breakthrough idea:she will hire an outsider to act the part of an assassin and probe the weak points of her complex operation. An old boyfriend’s brother seems like an obvious candidate. She knows him only by reputation – and that reputation is fearsome. His name is Jack Reacher.

He takes the job, but only because he senses there is more to her request than a simple desire for perfection. He senses real danger in the background and he won’t leave his brother’s friend vulnerable. He finds serious weaknesses everywhere – and then is told of a macabre series of letters addressed to the Vice President-elect. The first reads: ‘You are going to die&rsquo.

Reacher has no doubt it will prove to be a true prediction – unless he can take a makeshift team through a thicket of bizarre and terrified witnesses in a desperate race against time.


UK and Commonwealth: Transworld 

North American: Bantam Dell 


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