Jason Dean

A locked vault. A deadly prize within.

Upon the successful completion of a risky, undercover assignment in the States, Korso, elite covert salvage operative, is contacted by his only real ally, the mysterious hacker M. D. Dog.

Tracked down by Interpol’s cybercrime unit, Dog faces life imprisonment unless they betray a client, the merciless South American crime lord Miguel Quezada, whom Interpol are convinced ordered the Guatemalan Vice President’s assassination a year before.

Knowing Korso is the only person who can help, Dog wants him to infiltrate Quezada’s heavily-guarded private compound to recover the murder weapon – a Mayan jade dagger – hidden in a safe room somewhere on his property. Get the dagger to Interpol, and Dog goes free. Fail? And it will be the end of them both…


World English: Canelo


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