The Snag List

Sophie White

For thirty-somethings Lindy, Ailbhe and Roe, the move to Monteray Valley – a hyper-polished new luxury housing development – feels like slow death by Netflix and tedious WhatsApp groups. And in the midst of lives overtaken by domestic obligations, what space is left for their own hopes and dreams?

Lindy’s realising that her ambitions have been hijacked by her son’s career. He’s eleven.

Ailbhe ‘has it all’: a successful business, a husband, a baby … and a colossal secret.

And Roe is trying for a baby – a risky business when you’re not sure you want one.

Compiling a snag list for their builder prompts the new friends to consider what needs to be fixed in their own
lives. But is chasing unfulfilled dreams really the key to happiness – or likely to lead to more regrets?


UK & Commonwealth: Hachette IRE