The Shadow at the Door

Tim Weaver




It’s a night just like any other in the Conister home – but then Paul heads upstairs and never comes back.

When his wife Maggie goes to see where he is, she can’t find him. His phone and wallet are by the bed. The windows are locked from the inside.

Paul has vanished.

Missing persons investigator David Raker is an expert in locating the lost. So when he’s hired by Maggie, he knows that in every disappearance – however impossible it seems – there’s an answer.

What he doesn’t know yet is that his search for Paul Conister will become linked to three other mysteries . . .

A night patrolman on the London Underground makes a deadly discovery.
A cold case is reopened – but the key witness appears to no longer exist.
And thousands of miles away, a random shooting may not be random at all.

David Raker is key to unlocking the truth . . .


UK and Commonwealth: Michael Joseph


  • Czech