The Runaway

Martina Cole

When blonde beauty Cathy Connor and Irish charmer Eamonn Docherty are thrown together as children growing up in the sleazy streets of London’s East End their fate is sealed. No distance will prove too great, no deed too deplorable to separate them forever.

From an early age, Cathy learns to escape into a make-believe world where her miserable life as a prostitute’s child no longer exists. But reality strikes when she’s forced into care. The terrifying ordeal that follows leaves her with no choice…

Entering the twilight world of Soho as a runaway, she is rescued from the streets by Desrae, a transvestite who teaches her how to survive in the violent heart of London’s criminal underworld. Meanwhile, Eamonn, who fled to America with his good-for-nothing father, has gained a reputation among the Irish and Italian Mafia as one of the most ruthless villains in New York.

It’s only a matter of time before their paths cross and, when they do, Cathy’s an equal match for Eamonn. She’s beautiful, clever and tough enough to handle him now. And nothing’s going to make her run away again…


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