The New Beginnings Coffee Club

Samantha Tonge

Everyone deserves a second chance…don’t they?

Jenny Masters’ life is going perfectly to plan. Wife to a millionaire, living in a mansion and mother to Kardashian-obsessed ten-year-old April, there isn’t anything missing. Until, her whole world comes crashing down around her, forcing Jenny and April to leave behind their glittering life and start over with nothing.

With village gossip following her wherever she goes, she finds refuge and a job in the new coffee shop in town. Where she has to face the humiliation of seeing her former friends every day when they step in for their morning coffee.

As the days pass Jenny fears she doesn’t have what it takes to pick herself back up. But with the help of new boss Noah and housemate Elle, Jenny starts to see that it’s never too late to become the woman life intended you to be.


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