The Know

Martina Cole

Being in the know can be deadly.

Joanie Brewer’s children mean the world to her. She’d do anything to make sure they’re fed and clothed – even if it means going on the game – and she lives in constant fear that one of them will be taken from her. Eighteen-year-old Jon Jon is knee-deep in crime and Jeanette, only fourteen, knows more than is good for her.

But it’s Kira who really scares her, for in a world where no one is to be trusted, her eleven-year-old angel is the most vulnerable to danger.

When the police tell Joanie that a child’s body has been found, her darkest fears are realized. She thinks she’s in the know when it comes to who killed her little girl but her deadly obsession to make him pay threatens to destroy them all.


UK and Commonwealth: Headline 


  • German