The Jump

Martina Cole

Donna Brunos lives with her husband and home help in Essex. They have his and hers cars, private number plates, and gold Rolexes. They holiday in the Caribbean. Donna worships her husband.

But when Georgio is sentenced to eighteen years for armed robbery Donna’s world falls apart. Innocently she believes Georgio’s claims that he has been set up and when he says that he fears for his life, she agrees to help him escape with the help of Alan Cox, an old friend of Georgio’s.

The arrangements bring Donna into contact with the underworld of London. And nothing could have prepared her for the characters she meets and their lifestyles. She is forced to find an inner strength to cope not only with the violence around her but also with her growing feelings for Alan who she knows is a dangerous man.

Slowly Donna discovers what Georgio is really like – and that he is involved with child pornography; has made millions from drug smuggling and intended to leave her penniless to join his child and mistress in Spain.

All Donna wants now is revenge.


UK and Commonwealth: Headline