The Bells of Bournville Green

Annie Murray

Pretty 17-year-old Greta has never known a stable family life. With no father, and loathing her mother Ruby’s latest boyfriend, Greta finds life hard at home and is happiest at work with her friends at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham where she is popular with the boys. Life takes a turn for the worse when her missing vixen of a sister Marleen turns up during the freezing winter of 1962.

Greta soon decides that her only way out is marriage, but all too soon she discovers that life with her old classmate Trevor is not a ticket to freedom and happiness. She finds herself on the streets, pregnant, and homeless.… She is taken in by her mother’s old friends, Edie and Anatoli Gruschov.

In Anatoli, Greta finds the father she has never had. Kindly Edie loves to mother people and is desperately missing her son, David, and his family who have settled in Israel. But the love and security of this heaven is soon shattered by appalling tragedy, which affects all the chocolate girls and their children and changes life forever.…

Continuing the saga begun in Chocolate Girls, and set in 1960s Birmingham, this is a story of families whose lives are entwined, of belonging and loss…and of a young woman’s search for transforming love.


World English: Pan Macmillan