Reacher’s Rules: A Guide to Life according to Jack Reacher

Lee Child

My name is Jack Reacher. No middle name, no address. People mess with me at their own risk.

Rule #1. When in doubt, drink coffee.
Rule #2. Never volunteer for anything.
Rule #3. Don’t break the furniture.
Rule #4. Only one woman at a time.
Rule #5. Be on your feet and ready.
Rule #6. Show them what they’re messing with.

REACHER’S RULES covers everything from travelling light, cracking codes, handling weapons, conquering your deepest fears and understanding women.

Jack Reacher is a former US Army Military Police major. Since leaving the Army, the authorities have not been able to locate him, although his name crops up from time to time in investigations into murders, terrorism and other breaches of law. Last seen hitchhiking out of Nebraska…