Other People’s Marriages

Kerry Fisher

As I stood at my own birthday party, listening to my husband’s speech about me, I could no longer silence the thought that had started as a low-level hum five years ago and built until I could no longer ignore it… I had to leave him.

After decades of putting her family first, Steph has realised that the only way to complete her own happiness is to break her family apart. As she stands amongst friends, celebrating her birthday, she knows that she cannot stay with her husband Mal. But she is painfully aware that the one friend missing from the party is the most important one: Evie. The one who could give Steph the support she needs to embark on a new chapter of her life. The one she hasn’t spoken to for over twenty years since a sunny weekend on a holiday beach, when Steph and Evie said things to each other that could never be unsaid.

As Steph considers whether or not she can leave Mal, she receives a letter from Evie, seeking a reunion and a way to repair the friendship. But this reunion threatens to reveal a secret that could destroy two families.


World English: Bookouture


  • Estonian
  • Hungarian
  • Italian

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