How to Get Ahead in Television

Sophie Cousens

Poppy Penfold thinks she’s found the job of her dreams when she wins an internship at the UK’s biggest production company, RealiTV. But there’s a problem – there are two runners on the placement and only one job at the end of it. Her competition is Rhidian Drummond; highly competitive, irritatingly confident and infuriatingly good-looking…

Poppy and Rhidian must prove themselves on a range of TV shows such as Can Your Dog Do Your Job?, Changing Grooms and Strictly Come Prancing. With her parents dead-set against the idea of a career in show business, this is Poppy’s one chance to show she can make a go of it.

Unfortunately for Poppy, she’s not very good at a lot of the things a runner needs to be good at, namely: driving, getting people the right coffee, dealing with drunk and abusive celebrities, comforting comedians on the brink of a breakdown and capturing rampaging glitter-encrusted horses… As Poppy chalks up disaster after disaster, Rhidian can seemingly do no wrong and Poppy despairs she will ever win the job. Moving to London, working in TV, living with cool hipster flatmates – none of it turns out as Poppy expected, but then when is life ever what you expected?


World: Corvus

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