Goodnight Lady

Martina Cole


The infamous Briony Cavanagh was a great beauty in her day, and powerful, too.

In the sixties she ran a string of the most notorious brothels in London. Patronised by peers and politicians – even royalty some said.

Only Briony knew what went on behind those thick velvet curtains, those discreet closed doors. And Briony never opened her mouth – unless she stood to benefit.

Only Briony knew the hard and painful road she’d travelled to get there. From an impoverished childhood that ended abruptly with shocking betrayal, she had schemed and manipulated, determined to be mistress of her own fate.

But her flourishing business brought her into contact with the darker side of life at the violent heart of London’s gangland. Along with her material success came risk and danger. And the Goodnight Lady had her own secret place, a place in her heart that was always shadowed with loss.


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