Echo Burning

Lee Child

In the Texan desert Reacher hitches a ride from a young woman. She’s rich and elegant with a beautiful little girl. But she’s tense and very frightened. She tells him a horrific tale of beatings, abuse and humiliation. Her husband is a monster. And she wants him dead.

She pleads with Reacher to take care of it. He’s no assassin…but he’s prepared to help her in any other way he can.

Until the husband turns up dead. And Reacher finds out every single thing she’s told him is a lie. It was an attempt to exploit him in the worst possible way. Or was it?

What if she’s the only person in Echo County telling the truth? What if she’s being set up to take the fall for something far more sinister? Some terrible secret worth killing for? The tiny Texas backwater is a tangled mess. Lawyers can’t help. Somebody needs to set things straight. Who better than Jack Reacher?


UK and Commonwealth: Transworld 

North American: Bantam Dell 


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