Dark Hollow

John Connolly

A young woman, Rita Ferris, and her little son die at the hands of an unknown killer, and the past and present collide for Bird Parker.

Still raw from the brutal slayings of his wife and daughter, and the events surround the hunt for their killer, Bird has retreated to the wintry Maine landscapes of his youth. But his return awakens the ghosts of the past, forcing him to join the hunt for Billy Perdue, Rita’s ex-husband and the chief suspect in the slayings.

It becomes clear that someone else is also hunting for Billy Perdue, someone who seems to know Bird almost as well as he knows himself, and that the true answer to the puzzle lies thirty years in the past in the troubled history of Bird’s own grandfather and in the origins of a mythical killer, the monster known as Caleb Kyle.


UK & Commonwealth: Hodder and Stoughton

North America: Emily Bestler Books


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