Corpsing: My Body And Other Horror Shows

Sophie White

I cannot keep it straight in my head that he’s dead.

I tell her about the two wasted days I spent trying to imagine how decomposed his body was, only to remember that we had cremated him, his body was no more.

She turned back to me and took my wrist. ‘Well you know he’s here…’ I felt the familiar weariness I always get when confronted with other people’s spirituality, but then she finished, ‘…in my house’

Nora Ephron meets Bram Stoker in Sophie White’s vivid and ambitious literary non-fiction collection.

Sophie White asks uncomfortable questions about the lived reality of womanhood in the 21st century, and the fear that must be internalised in order to find your path through it. White balances vivid storytelling with sharp-witted observations about the horrors of grief, mental illness, and the casual and sometimes hilarious cruelty of life.


UK & Commonwealth: Tramp Press