Christmas By The Coast

Mandy Baggot

It has taken Harriet years to get over the love of her life, but finally she has a dependable boyfriend, a secure job and a decent flat. As long as her thoughts never stray to Mack – the one who got away – she knows that life is good.

But when her beloved grandmother dies just before Christmas, Harriet drops everything to fly back to her childhood home: a white clapboard house nestled among the snow-covered beaches of the Hamptons, Long Island, USA.

Even in her grief, Harriet is determined to give her Grandpa and his neighbours a Christmas to remember. But her world is turned upside down when she sees Mack for the first time, and he begs her to give him a second chance…

Can Harriet forgive Mack and let him mend her broken heart? Or should she return to the safe life she came from?


World English: Aria

World Audio: WF Howes


  • German