Chaff Upon the Wind

Margaret Dickinson

Kitty Clegg has long accepted the hard work and long hours in her job as a lowly kitchen maid at the Manor Farm. Now sixteen, her chores are made all the lighter with the realisation that she is falling in love …

Handsome, dark curled Jack Thorndyke has more than once held her adoring gaze across the scullery yard. Now as he prepares his gleaming threshing machine to cut the last of the golden Lincolnshire corn, he finally asks Kitty to be his chosen Harvest Nell. Carried away by her excitement, Kitty fails to heed the warnings whispered into her ear. Handsome Jack is far from the marrying kind. Worse still, his playful charm has attracted another – a young woman far above his station. Will Kitty’s dreams be scattered like chaff on the wind?

Burying her disappointment, she takes up an important new position in the household. But, surrounded by echoes from the past, Kitty finds herself unable to abandon a very special kind of love: a love which will bring both heartache and joy to the Manor in the turbulent decades to come…

Set in the epic years before and after the First World War, Margaret Dickinson’s new novel of Lincolnshire life is a spellbinding story of courage, loyalty and love.


  • UK: Pan Macmillan