Every Missing Thing

Martyn Ford

The boy who’s been missing for eight years. The girl who disappeared yesterday. The parents who claim innocence. And the man who believes them.

Ethan Clarke’s disappearance was a media sensation. Even now, years later, his name and his parents are synonymous with the mystery itself. And although the Clarkes seem to finally be settling into a life of ‘normality’, their fragile peace can’t last. Because the same thing happens to their daughter. Only this time, as the Clarkes are thrust back into the spotlight, the conspiracy theories make sense. This time, it’s hard to believe they’re innocent. This time, the truth is in reach.

Ex-detective Sam May is compelled to return to the case that transformed his life forever. All too aware of how much this pursuit has already cost, Sam embarks on a journey that’ll take him to the very depths of his own unwavering obsession.

Another child is missing. The clock is ticking. And the world is watching.


World English: Thomas and Mercer

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