A Mother’s Sorrow

Margaret Dickinson

A Mother’s Sorrow is a heart-rending family saga set around WW1 from bestselling author and Queen of the Saga, Margaret Dickinson.


Three young women. Two families united. A bond that can’t be broken . . .

Sheffield, 1892. Patrick Halliday rules his family with a rod of iron. He’s hard on both his wife and his elder daughter, Flora, but he spoils his youngest, Mary Ellen, because she reminds him of his beloved mother.

When Mary Ellen, aged seventeen, finds that she is pregnant, Patrick throws her out of the family home and Flora goes with her. After wandering the Derbyshire countryside for miles, they find shelter on a farm, working for their keep.

When Flora must return to her job as a buffer girl in Sheffield’s cutlery trade, she is reunited with her friend, Evelyn Bonsor. As both young women find love and fall pregnant, the Halliday and Bonsor families are united, despite the many trials that cross their paths.

Then comes the Great War. Through hardship and tragedy, these two families must stick together to weather the storm . . .


World English: Pan Macmillan