The Women take to the shelves

Run, don't walk. Jacqui Rose is back with her brilliant new novel, The Women. 

Welcome to HMP Ashcroft. A women's prison run by a corrupt governor who will impose his will at any cost – with brutal consequences. The Women is a gripping street crime thriller from bestselling author Jacqui Rose. Within these walls, friendships are forged that will last beyond a sentence. But some inmates can turn in the blink of an eye, because that’s all part of being locked up. In here you are kept from your loved ones and forced into a surrogate family with women you wouldn’t even look at on the outside, let alone call friends. But at Ashcroft, Alliances can mean everything. Each one of these women has their own story to tell and their own penance to deal with. But whilst they fight for their rights on the inside, who is looking after their family, their friends and children on the outside. Whilst they battle to survive in a closed off world what’s happening in the real world. At Ashcroft there’s always a price to be paid, and for some it’s high, but these women are prepared to pay anyway they can . . . Make sure you pick up your copy in paperback, eBook and Audio!