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Translation Rights

The Darley Anderson Agency has great success in placing books with international publishers around the world.

For translation rights enquiries, please contact:

Head of Rights: Mary Darby mary@darleyanderson.com

Rights Executive: Emma Winter emma@darleyanderson.com

Rights Assistant: Kristina Egan kristina@darleyanderson.com

We work with co-agents in the following territories:

  • Bulgaria & Macedonia: Katalina Sabeva (Anthea, Sofia)
  • China & Taiwan: Gray Tan (The Grayhawk Agency, Taipei)
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lucie Polakova (Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Prague)
  • Germany: (Adult titles only) Thomas Schlueck, Bastian Schlueck, Joachim Jessen & Franka Zastrow (Thomas Schlueck Agency, Garbsen)
  • Greece: Michael Avramides (O.A. Literary Agency, Markopoulo)
  • Hungary: Miklos Lekli and Orsi Mészáros (Katai & Bolza, Budapest)
  • Italy: Roberta Oliva (Natoli, Stefan & Oliva, Milan)
  • Japan: Ken Mori and Misa Morikowa (Tuttle Mori Agency, Tokyo) 
  • Korea: Danny Hong (Danny Hong Agency, Seoul)
  • Poland: Lukasz Wrobel (Graal Ltd, Warsaw)
  • Romania: Simona Kessler (Simona Kessler Agency, Bucharest)
  • Russia & Ukraine: Elizabeth Van Lear & Olga Rogozina (Van Lear Agency, London, Moscow)
  • Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia: Vuk Perisic & Mila Perisic (PLIMA Literary Agency, Belgrade)
  • Thailand: Pimolporn Yutisri (Tuttle Mori, Bangkok)
  • Turkey: Atilla Izgi Turgut and Özgür Emir (Akcali Copyright Agency, Istanbul)

Latest Rights Sales

You Don't Know Me by Imran Mahmood
Translation rights sold to Bertrand Editora in Portugal

You Don't Know Me by Imran Mahmood
Translation rights sold to Dobrovsky in Czech Republic

I Am Missing by Tim Weaver
Translation rights sold to Penguin

I Am Missing by Tim Weaver
Translation rights sold to Darley Anderson Agency in World English

The Killer on the Wall by Emma Kavanagh
UK & Commonwealth (inc. Canada) rights sold to Arrow

Blink by KL Slater
Translation rights sold to Bragelonne in France

928 Miles from Home by Kim Slater
Translation rights sold to Rye Field in Taiwan

Fly Me Home by Polly Ho-Yen
Translation rights sold to Random House Children's Publishers

The Circus by Olivia Levez
World English rights sold to Oneworld in World English

Something In The Water by Catherine Steadman
Translation rights sold to Family Leisure Club in Ukraine

Our Rights Department

I can't imagine that there is a better, more perceptive, or more committed rights section than Darley Anderson's in any literary agency anywhere

John Connolly

The Rights department has done much more for my books than I ever knew was possible. It's like having a bunch of fairy godmothers who regularly drop wonderful exotic presents into your inbox: 'Good morning! Here's Croatia!'

Tana French

The Darley Anderson Agency sells foreign rights faster and further than anyone in the business. I'm published in countries some agents have never even heard of

Lee Child

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