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Phoebe Morgan's second novel, The Girl Next Door, is out today

February 2019

The Girl Next Door shows how Jane, the resident of a small town with a picture-perfect life, sees her life overturned and dark family secrets uncovered, following the murder of a local teenager. This 'skillfully plotted' psychological thriller (Cass Green) has already created a buzz among early readers.

Congratulations, Phoebe!

The Doll House is out today!

September 2017

Phoebe Morgan's gripping debut novel, The Doll House, is out today! 

The Doll House tells the story of Corinne, who finds out someone's been watching her after pieces of a doll house keep turning up. Early readers have fallen in love with the characters and the stunning twist.

To read more about Phoebe and The Doll House, have a look at her interview on our blog. 

Congratulations, Phoebe! 

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