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Record Sales For Lesley Pearse

September 2015

Without  A Trace

Lesley's new novel - her 23rd - debuted at No.1 and is now in its third week at No.2. Notching up the highest first four week sales in Lesley's bestselling and illustrious career.

Without a Trace is out in paperback now!

August 2015

Much-loved bestselling author Lesley Pearse's 23rd gripping novel, Without a Trace, is published today in paperback by Penguin!

Without a Trace, set in 1953, on Coronation Daysoared into the hardback bestseller chart at No.3 earlier this year!

Congratulations, Lesley!

‘Particularly strong on the East End setting and characters, and with a narrative that gallops along, this is quintessential Pearse that will delight her army of readers.’ Daily Mail

‘Heartwarming and evocative tale that is a delight to read.’ The Sun

‘Epic romantic drama.’ Heat Magazine

Without A Trace Belies Its Name And Stays At The Top

June 2015

Lesley Pearse's wide fan-base of readership of all ages from 14 - 80 keeps growing, making Lesley one of the few authors whose book on book sales continues to grow strongly. 

Without A Trace has stayed in the Top 4 on the UK Hardback Bestsellers list for 3 weeks running at positions 3, 3 and 4. Congratulations, Lesley! 

No.2 for Lesley Pearse!

July 2014

Lesley Pearse's Survivor has gone to No.2 in Bookscan's Paperback chart. Since its release date on 17th July Lesley has already sold close to 20,000 paperback copies.

Survivor was a top Hardback Bestseller, and stayed in the top 50 Hardback Bestsellers list for 4 months!

Lesley Pearse is the 5th Fiction Hardback Bestseller this Year!

June 2014

Congratulations Lesley! 

No.2 for Lesley Pearse in Week 2!

February 2014

Lesley Pearse has narrowly missed out on remaining at No.1 in the hardback bestseller list with Survivor by a mere 100 copies. 

But she stays emphatically No.2 with a difference of 1,000 copies between the No.2 and No.3 spot. 

‘Intriguing, heart-tugging, beautifully written’ ...Closer

‘Engrossing and emotional, it’s another winner from Lesley Pearse’ ...Woman’s Own

‘I absolutely loved this book. The characters are likeable and the writing is always brilliant’ ...The Sun

‘Full of love, passion and heartbreak’ ...Best

‘Evocative, compelling, told from the heart’ ...Sunday Express

Survivor by Lesley Pearse Is Out Now!

February 2014

Survivor is the 22nd book by internationally bestselling author Lesley Pearse and the 3rd in the Belle Trilogy. 

With the world on the brink of war, Mariette leaves home bound for her aunt and uncle's house in London.

Armed with the freedom she's longed for since childhood, Mari quickly falls for Morgan, the handsome cockney steward on board ship. But once she reaches London, there are other temptations.

Mari loves her new life - caught up in a whirl of dances and parties in the glittering West End, relishing her freedom as she earns her own money as a typist. Finally, she feels she is mistress of her own future.
Until it is all snatched away by the war.

As London endures the Blitz, Mari's new life is cruelly blown apart. Forced from her loving new home, she ends up alone in the East End, and it's worlds away from the London she knows. But there, even in the face of so much despair, she finds the chance to make a difference. Amidst the destruction, Mari learns that the only way to survive this war is to fight, with all the strength, selflessness and compassion within her...and only then will she find true happiness.

Because Mari is a survivor...

Survivor is a story of bravery and love.

'Utterly riveting, brilliant' Closer

'Characters it is impossible not to care about' Daily Mail

'Full of love, passion and heartbreak' Best

Lesley Pearse Becomes First National Libraries Day Ambassador!

January 2014

Lesley Pearse will be the first Ambassador for National Libraries Day. 

The national celebration of libraries will take place on Saturday the 8th of February 2014, rounding off a week's worth of events and activities in public, school, college, university and workplace libraries. 

Lesley said "I am so very proud to be asked to be the first Ambassador for National Libraries Day. To me libraries are one of the most important assets we have in the UK, and should be kept going at all costs."

Lesley's love affair with libraries began when her family moved to London, and (aged 11) she found the perfect sanctuary in Northbrook Library. She says, "I was late in learning to read because of being in care for a few years, but once I could read I was voracious. The staff at the library must have recognised a real need in me and they sorted out books especially for me." 

"Libraries are vital. They are a primary source of knowledge and of entertainment. Books widen your world and teach you so much. Whether you are into romantic fiction, dark thrillers, science fiction, biographies, poetry, war books, history, geography, religion, it's all there to be tapped into. Age doesn't matter, from a four year old wanting The Gruffalo, to students studying for exams or a retired person wanting to read up on their hobby, all are welcome....I love libraries and it's my mission to make everyone else value and love them too."

Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse is out in paperback

August 2013

Lesley Pearse's bestseller, Forgive Me, is out now in paperback. The unputdownable Forgive Me hit the No.2 spot when it was released in hardback in February.

Good Housekeeping's 'Readers Recommend' are calling it:

'one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time - totally absorbing, believable characters and plot...highly recommend'

'when I finished it I actually missed the characters'

'I loved this book but then I love Lesley Pearse...She has a way of grabbing your attention from the very start and then keeps you turning the pages to find out more'

For book signing dates click below:


Forgive Me is flying high at No.2

February 2013

Lesley Pearse's Forgive Me has soared into the UK and Irish hardback bestseller lists at No.2 with only 3 days of sales. Congratulations Lesley!

As hardback bestseller No.2, this week Lesley reigns supreme as the Queen of women's fiction with 4,000 hardbacks and 3,000 eBook copies of Forgive Me sold in the UK in just 3 days!

And in New Zealand Lesley has dominated the chart taking the No.1 spot on the hardback bestseller list.

Fabulous reviews have already poured in. Closer magazine calls it "an intriguing, heart-tugging and beautifully written story"; Fabulous magazine, "a compelling read" and Woman magazine names it, ’This Week’s Hot Read....’this is a stonking doorstep of a book with a story that is....full of twists – an ideal read for a long journey’ ‘plenty of drama and some shocking secrets’.

The Promise Is Pronouned No. 1

March 2012

Lesley PearseThe Promise has shot to No. 1 on the hardback bestseller list in South Africa.

Our marvellous author, the internationally bestselling Lesley Pearse has gone down a storm on her book tour, clinching the top spot once again.

Lesley Pearse, whose 20 bestselling books have sold over 7,000,000 copies to date, delighted her many, many fans as she embarked on a week long book tour in Johannesburg.

Lesley gave interviews for Sunrise TV, magazines/newspapers such as The Times and Woman and Home and four radio interviews. The lauch was held at Exclusive Books where Lesley gave a talk to a room packed full of excitable Belle buffs.

The Promise
is the stunning sequel to the No. 1 Belle and has achieved great success on the UK bestseller list for 9 weeks so far.

Feisty Belle bowls the fans over
once again!

How To Get Published!

April 2011

Lesley PearseOn Saturday 9th April Lesley P earse took part in a panel of four, giving tips and expert advice in a HOW TO GET PUBLISHED MASTERCLASS.

Peter James, author, Luigi Bonomi, Literary Agent and Jon Wood from Orion made up the rest of the panel.

Here is a list of pointers from the masterclass:

- Plot, Pace, Character and Research.
- Make sure you grab the reader from the very first page, and the very first line.
- Know your character.
- Develop a character your readers will care about as much, if not more, than you do.
- Trust yourself.
- Be passionate.
- Read widely and don't be afraid to disect and analyse books and why they work (or don't).
- Drama will grip the reader.
- Don't try too hard.
- Practice- the more you write the better you get.
- The ending is important. Make sure the reader feels emotionally satisfied- not let down.

Lesley's top two tips of the day on how to get your book published were:
Stick at it
and believe in yourself.

***bestseller*** High Society

September 2010

No.1 Paperback Bestseller Stolen by Lesley Pearse is one of only three women's fiction authors to have sold over 200,000 copies of one of their novels this year.

The other two female authors are Jodi Picoult and Sophie Kinsella.

Stolen has just spent its 11th week on the Bestsellers list and is at No.23.



July 2010

Lesley Pearse's Stolen has spent its fourth week in the top five on the Paperback Bestsellers list.

With Stolen having spent spent time in No.1 and No.2 on the list and selling over 115,000 copies to date, it appears that the wonderful Lesley is giving other summer reads a real run for their money!


***star Review*** Usa Stay Faithful To French

July 2010

Lesley Pearse's Garden"Expertly Rendered"


- Are the words Janet Maslin, New York Times Reviewer used to describe Tana French's latest novel A Faithful Place.

It's another rave review that reflects Tana's ever growing US fan base.

With now over 100,000 copies on the shelves A Faithful Place is set for great great things!

The past haunts in Tana French novels. That which was buried is brought to light and wreaks hell - on no one more so than Frank Mackey, beloved undercover guru and burly hero first mentioned in French's second book about the Undercover Squad, The Likeness.

Faithful Place is Frank's old neighbourhood, the town he fled twenty-two years ago, abandoning an abusive alcoholic father, harpy mother, and two brothers and sisters who never made it out. They say going home is never easy, but for Frank, investigating the cold case of the just-discovered body of his teenage girlfriend, it is a tangled, dangerous journey, fraught with mean motivations, black secrets, and tenuous alliances.

Because he is too close to the case, and because the Place (including his family) harbours a deep-rooted distrust of cops, Frank must undergo his investigation furtively, using all the skills picked up from years of undercover work to trace the killer and the events of the night that changed his life.

***bestseller*** The Executioner Makes A Killing

July 2010

Lesley Pearse's GardenChris Carter’s thrilling second novel The Executioner is storming the charts and has hit the top 20 in hardback.

After 10 days of sales The Executioner moved from no.24 to no 18 in the Hardback Bestsellers list. Chris Carter went to Harrogate's Crime Festival where fans were eagerly awaiting to meet the horror writer.

***award Nomination*** The Final 15!!

June 2010

Lesley Pearse's GardenCarolyn Jess Cooke has been shortlisted for the prestigious London New Poetry Award 2010.

The Award is put on by the London Fringe Festival. Carolyn has made it down to shortlist of 15 poets, out of 77 nominations.

A Poetry Panel of three judges will meet at a London location to deliberate quality, innovation, craft, relevance and sheer poetry.

The winner will be announced on Monday August 16th at Pizza Express in Soho.

Click here to read more

***bestseller*** Lesley Pearse Steals The Show

February 2010

StolenIn it's sixth week, Lesley Pearse's latest novel Stolen is at No15 in the Bestseller lists. Stolen went in at No3 in its first week only a hundred or so copies behind Dan Brown and James Patterson, at No1.

Sussex, 2003. When a beautiful blonde girl is found half-drowned on a beach, she has no memory of who she is or what horrors have left her there. But an article about her in a Brighton newspaper rings alarm bells for beautician Dale, who shows the police photographs of Lotte Wainright.

The girls met working on a cruise ship and their friendship blossomed as they sailed the seas of South America, until Lotte fell under the sinister influence of an older American couple. To her regret, Dale hasn’t seen Lotte since leaving the ship months earlier... but the girl on the beach – although badly bruised – is indeed her much missed friend.

Their reunion only marks the beginning of a dangerous tidal wave of secrets, lies and nightmares. Where has Lotte been? Who is the man who seems to want to kill her? And what has become of the baby she’s recently given birth to? Dale and Lotte must dig deep and find the strength to hold on against the odds if they are to rebuild their friendship and survive Lotte’s stolen – and deadly – past...

Pearse champions chart!

August 2015

We are so thrilled to announce that Without a Trace, Lesley Pearse’s heart-rending 23rd novel, has gone straight into the No.1 spot on the paperback bestseller chart after a week of partial sales!

This is Lesley’s third official Top 50 paperback No.1! Lesley has been translated in 20 languages and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Congratulations, Lesley!

Lesley Notches Up New No.1s

June 2015

Lesley's Without A Trace has hit the No.1 hardback spot in New Zealand for the 5th week running! 

Top 3 for Lesley

May 2015

Lesley Pearse's Without A Trace has leapt into the No.3 Hardback Bestseller slot.

Congratulations, Lesley!

'Epic romantic drama set in post-war London' Heat Magazine

'A heart-warming and evocative tale that is a real delight to read' Sun

'A narrative that gallops along, this is quintessential Pearse that will delight her army of readers' Daily Mail

'Must have' Sunday Express


Survivor by Lesley Pearse is out in Paperback NOW!

July 2014

With a No.1 in hardback and 16 weeks on the top 50 hardback bestsellers chart, Survivor by Lesley Pearse is set to dominate the charts in the paperback bestsellers list next week. 

Intriguing, heart-tugging, beautifully written’ ...Closer

Engrossing and emotional, it’s another winner from Lesley Pearse’ ...Woman’s Own

‘I absolutely loved this book. The characters are likeable and the writing is always brilliant’ ...The Sun

Full of love, passion and heartbreak’ ...Best

Evocative, compelling, told from the heart’ ...Sunday Express

Top Twentieth Territory

April 2014

Just before the London Book Fair, the Darley Anderson rights team secured Lesley Pearse her 19th language: Spanish.

Circulo de Lectores, based in Barcelona, will publish Remember Me next year. Remember Me is based on the gripping and breath-taking true story of Mary Broad who is sent to Australia as a convict in the 18th Century. Remember Me has already been translated into 11 languages and was a bestseller in Portugal.

We’re also delighted to announce that a new deal has been struck with Czech publisher, Moba, for Stolen. This brings the total number of Lesley’s languages up to 20!

Stolen is set in Sussex, England, and is a moving story about identity, friendship and making sense of the past. It was Lesley's first No.1 bestselling title and rights have now been sold into 8 territories. 

For more information on Lesley’s foreign rights sales, please see her author page.

Huge congratulations, Lesley!

No.1 for Lesley Pearse!

February 2014

Lesley Pearse's Survivor has soared into the top position on the hardback bestseller list to the No.1 spot after only 3 days of sales!

5,000 copies were sold in 3 days alone, outselling the No.2 position by 1,500 copies.

Congratulations Lesley! 

A Book For Everyone This Valentines Day

February 2014

Fans of our fabulous women's fiction authors Lesley Pearse, Clare Dowling, Annie Murray, Margaret Dickinson and Jane Costello are in for a treat this Valentines day with the release of their latest books. 

Copies of Survivor by Lesley Pearse, A Special Delivery by Clare Dowling, Meet Me Under The Clock by Annie Murray and Fairfield Hall by Margaret Dickinson will hit the shelves on the 13th - just in time to treat loved ones for a wonderful gift this Valentines Day. And Jane Costello's The Mini Break will be released in eBook on Valentines Day itself. 

No.1 for Lesley Pearse!

August 2013

Lesley Pearse has gone straight to the very top of the paperback bestseller list with Forgive Me in its first full week of sales, selling 40,000 copies in just over a week.

Congratulations Lesley!

No.1 Bestseller For Lesley Pearse's Forgive Me

February 2013

Lesley Pearse is No. 2 for a second week this week on the UK hardback bestseller list with Forgive Me. Congratulations Lesley!

As well as hitting the top spot in New Zealand last week Lesley's Forgive Me shot to No. 1 this week in the Irish original fiction bestseller list.

Novelicious gave it another glittering review:

‘ I loved every second of this book, it's gritty, moving and heartbreaking, and even when I wasn't reading it I still couldn't help thinking about the characters. ‘ 10/10

Forgive Me was Magic FM's Book of the Week this week.

Lesley chatted to Angie Greaves on the radio station earlier to answer questions on the inspiration behind her 21st book, plus her exciting book ideas to come and her latest celebrity fan Hilary Devey-who would take a Lesley Pearse book as her luxury item on Desert Island Discs!

Party For The Promise

July 2012

Darley Anderson and the Darley's Angels team headed to Bath for a spectacular The Promise themed party hosted by our bestselling author Lesley Pearse.

Lesley PearseGreen Park's Old Station in Bath, a place where the wounded were taken in WW1, played host to Lesley's fabulous WW1 themed party in celebration of her latest bestselling book The Promise (out now in paperback) the follow up to her No. 1 book Belle.

With champagne cocktails all night long, a feast of wonderful food starring poached salmons and whole gammons for the lucky guests to tuck into, and marvellous live music, everyone was happy to dance all night long.

Lesley and her daughters shone in vintage Edwardian costumes. Stand out costumes also include Stephen Fry's Colonel Melchett and the two Edwardian bathers.

Bestselling Belle

July 2011

BelleLesley Pearse paperback of Belle shot straight to No.2 on the pb Bestseller List with huge sales after only a partial week.

When released in Hardback at the start of 2011 Belle went to No.1 on the Sunday Times Hardback Bestsellers List. And remained in the Top 50 for 12 weeks.

Lesley Pearse has created in Belle a heroine for our times: a strong woman who stands up for right in a world turned bad:

London 1910. Fifteen year-old Belle has lived in a brothel in Seven Dials all her life, with no understanding of what happens in the rooms upstairs. But her innocence is shattered when she witnesses the murder of one of the girls and, subsequently snatched from the streets by the killer, she is sold into prostitution in Paris.

No longer mistress of her own fate, Belle is blown across the globe to sensuous New Orleans where she comes of age and learns to enjoy life as a courtesan. Yet thoughts of home - and the knowledge her status as golden girl cannot last - compel her to break out of her gilded cage.

But Belle finds escaping tougher than she imagined, for her life is threatened by desperate men who crave her beauty and attention.

Will courage be enough to sustain her? Can she make it back to her family and friends and find her chance at true happiness?

***bestseller*** The Belle Of The Ball

February 2011

BelleWe are extremely proud to announce that the Sunday Times bestselling novelist Lesley Pearses new book Belle, is at the top of the charts emphatically at No.1.

Belle went in at Number 2 after only three days on sale. But after her first full week climbed the rest of the way up and clinched the Number 1 spot.

Not only is Belle top of the charts in the UK, but is also No.1 on the other side of the world in New Zealand.

This is Lesley's first book to reach No.1 on the Sunday Times Hardback Bestseller list.

This is Lesleys 19th book. It tells the incredible story of Belle, a fabulous heroine and a strong survivor. Set in the early 20th Century, 15 year old Belle is snatched from the streets of London. After she witnesses a murder in the brothel where she was brought up, she is forced into a world of prostitution in Paris and then New Orleans. Its a story of love, dreams and determination.

Top Tips To From A *** Bestseller***

August 2010

In its eighth week Stolen by Lesley Pearse has remained strong on the Paperback Bestseller list.

After going in at No.1 in the first week of sales, Stolen has proved itself to be the top read of the summer. selling over 150,000 copies in six weeks.

Here are some of Lesley's top tips on how to write a bestseller:

-Persistance. You have to stick at it. I finish everything. Thats the secret of life- finish the things you start.

-Dont tell anyone what you're doing as then you have to give progress reports.

- Read widely. Research properly. That will give you ideas you hadnt thought of.

- To keep the peace in my marriage I used to wait until my husband was asleep and then sneak downstairs and write all night. I was driven. You always have time to write. If you say you dont, youll never do it. If you really want to do something youll find the time to do it.

- Dont count words. Whats the point in boasting that youve written 3000 words in a day if theyre all rubbish? I dont count until I get to the end of the book.

(Taken from and interview with Lesley Pearse The Times, Saturday July 31st)

***number 1 Bestseller*** Lesley Pearse Tops The Charts

July 2010

Lesley Pearse's GardenBestselling author Lesley Pearse has topped the charts at No 1 with her fantastic novel Stolen.

The paperback edition smashed her previous weekly sales personal best by more than 12,000 copies. Stolen, her 18th novel, sold 38,244 copies in its first full week on sale.

Congratulations to Lesley on her most deserved success.  

*** Spine Chilling Success***

July 2010

Lesley Pearse's GardenChris Carter's latest spine chiller The Executioner has hit the shelves. It follows The Crucifix Killer and is destined for great things!

Detective Hunter is on the trail of an elusive and sadistic killer. Someone who can sense what scares his victims the most. Someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his twisted aim. Imagine your worst fear - and then meet your worst nightmare....

***bestseller*** Lesley Pearse Steals The Show

July 2010

Lesley Pearse's GardenLesley's latest novel Stolen swept into The Sunday Times bestseller list at No4 AFTER ONLY THREE DAYS SALES.

Stolen sold 25,751 copies in just three days outselling Linwood Barclay (16,182) and Stephen King (11,559) both published on the same day.

On publication day
Lesley Pearse's GardenLesley and the Mayor of Richmond-
Upon-Thames did the honours at the grand opening of the new Teddington branch of British Bookshops & Stationers. Also lending a hand with the scissors was John Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of the bookselling chain

Sussex, 2003. When a beautiful blonde girl is found half-drowned on a beach, she has no memory of who she is or what horrors have left her there.

But an article about her in a Brighton newspaper rings alarm bells for beautician Dale, who shows the police photographs of Lotte Wainright.

The girls met working on a cruise ship and their friendship blossomed as they sailed the seas of South America, until Lotte fell under the sinister influence of an older American couple. To her regret, Dale hasn’t seen Lotte since leaving the ship months earlier but the girl on the beach although badly bruised is indeed her much missed friend.

Their reunion only marks the beginning of a dangerous tidal wave of secrets, lies and nightmares. Where has Lotte been? Who is the man who seems to want to kill her. And what has become of the baby she’s recently given birth to?

Dale and Lotte must dig deep and find the strength to hold on against the odds if they are to rebuild their friendship and survive Lotte’s stolen and deadly past.

Lesley Pearse's Green Fingers

June 2010

Lesley Pearse's Garden Lesley Pearse is not only a talented author, enchanting readers worldwide with her fantastic novels, she also has other talents hidden up her sleeves.

A keen gardener, every other summer Lesley showcases her beautiful garden to the general public, in her villages Open Garden Day.
Lesley Pearse's Garden

The proceeds raised go to help projects in the community. This summer, the money will help pay for the restoration of the villages 12th century church.

Lesleys latest novel Stolen is out in paperback on the 8th July. Click here to read more about it.

Lesley Pearse

May 2009

Lesley Pearse - GypsyLesley Pearse - Remember MeLesley Pearse went straight to No.3 on Bookscans UK paperback bestseller charts with GYPSY, published by Penguin. Sales to date are over 100,000 copies and rising.

Lesley has also seen major success in Portugal. ASA launched her with REMEMBER ME (NUNCA ME ESQUEÇAS) last December and have sold over 50,000 copies to date. To give this some perspective, their average print run is 3,000 copies.

Her Portuguese editor, Carmen Serrano, said of Lesleys sales, I believe she will be very happy to know that she is a case study in Portugal

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