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Alligator Blood by James Leighton is out now!

November 2013

The gripping, pacey, rollercoaster ride of a book - Alligator Blood by James Leighton is out now!

‘Just one year after losing close to $500 million Daniel Tzvetkoff was back at the scene of the crime. Las Vegas. Sin City. And this time he was feeling lucky.....’

Daniel Tzvetkoff was just another Brisbane teenager working for peanuts at Pizza Hut and spending much of his spare time glued to his computer. When he worked out a new method of payment processing, the online poker companies came running to him for help so they could grow their businesses.

Soon he was living the American dream, raking in $3 million a week and revelling in a jet-set lifestyle of fast cars, luxury yachts and VIP nightclubs. His epic rollercoaster ride mirrored the extraordinary world of online poker, where hot-shot college students won millions from the confines of their dorms, and fortunes were won and lost.

However, Tzvetkoff's move to the bright lights of Las Vegas would soon see him facing the abyss. Owing millions to the poker companies, and with the FBI hot on his trail, the boy wonder needed to pull an ace from his sleeve to keep from busting out. And when he did, it resulted in a day that sent shockwaves through the world of online poker - and saw him take the blame....


See the trailer for Alligator Blood here:


The Greatest Player

May 2011

Duncan EdwardsA devoted Manchester United fan, Darley Anderson was delighted to recently take on the representation of football writer James Leightons Biography of Duncan Edwards, the young Manchester United and England star who died tragically in the Munich Air Disaster.

British and Commonwealth Rights were enthusiastically snapped up by S&S for a good five figure advance by fellow Man U devotee Ian Chapman and new S&S Sports editor, Rhea Halford.

Speaking about Duncan Edwards, Sir Bobby Charlton, in a recent interview with the Daily Mails Jeff Powell, said this:

Ask me who is the greatest footballer the world has ever seen? Ask me who is the greatest footballer I have ever played with? Ask me who is the greatest footballer I ever played against? Same answer. DUNCAN EDWARDS. Dont ask me how much greater he would have become. It defies imagination. Whats bigger than a colossus?

Think about that. Then remember that I played not only with George [Best] and Denis [Law] but with Bobby Moore. That I played against Pele. They were truly great, but Duncan was the greatest.

Simon and Schuster plan to publish in spring 2012.

The Greatest

May 2012

James Leighton"Easily the best football biography I have ever read."

So says top sports writer Mike Parry about James Leighton's The Greatest (Simon and Schuster).

The Greatest tells the story of Manchester United's boy wonder Duncan Edwards who was destined to be as great a footballer as Pele, but who tragically died in the Munich air disaster.

Says Mike Parry: "I'm not a big one for crying-particularly when it comes to football matters but I'd forgive anybody for reaching for a handkerchief after reading the life-story of Duncan Edwards."

The Greatest is released this Thursday 24th of May.

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