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Kiss Me, Kill Me, out now in paperback!

May 2018

J.S. Carol's new book, Kiss Me, Kill Me is out now in paperback!

Kiss Me, Kill Me is, in the words of Lee Child, a 'truly sinister domestic noir', and early readers have been hooked by the story of Zoe, who tries to escape her abusive husband Daniel.

Congratulations, James!  

CWA Steel Dagger

July 2017

We are thrilled that James Carol has been shortlisted for the CWA Dagger Steel Dagger 2017 for his heart-stopping thriller The Killing Game, published under his pseudonym J.S. Carol. 

Congratulations James! 

The Killing Game published today

October 2016

The stand-alone novel from J.S. Carol is published by Bookouture today. 

The Killing Game sees a masked man with a score to settle take the Hollywood elite hostage over an unbelievably tense four hours. 

The addictive thriller has already racked up hundreds of 5* reviews, see more here.

Get the defibrillator at the ready, this is heart-stopping, read-in-one-sitting action. 

James Carol at the Mord Am Hellweg Crime Festival

November 2014

Over the weekend of 8th November, James Carol, creator of the Jefferson Winter series, attended the prestigious Mord Am Hellweg Crime Festival in Germany.

Mord am Hellweg started in 2002 and is now Europe’s largest Crime festival. Featuring international names such as Karin Slaughter, Mark Billingham, Arne Dahl, Jo Nesbo and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, it runs biennially and takes place in the Hellweg Börde, part of the North Rhine-Westphalia, region of Germany. One of the festival's charms is that it takes place in unusual locations such as old churches, ruins and industrial monuments. This year's was at Castle Horst in Gelsenkirchen which is in the North Western area of the Ruhr.

James Carol and Benjamin Fürmann

James took part in two events in both the library and the impressive main hall of the castle. He and Benjamin Fürmann (German film and TV star) read from Broken Dolls, bringing Jefferson Winter to life for the German fans. James also participated in Q&A sessions, chatted to his readers and signed copies of the German edition of Broken Dolls.

For more information on James Carol, please see his author page and if you'd like more information on Mord Am Hellweg, please click here.

Watch Me by James Carol is out now!

August 2014

We are excited to announce the publication of Watch Me by James Carol, the 2nd in in the Jefferson Winter series today. Watch Me is published by Faber and is available in e-book and paperback now.

Jefferson Winter has taken a new case in sunny Louisiana, where the only thing more intense than the heat is a killer on the loose in the small town of Eagle Creek.

Sam Galloway, a prominent lawyer from one of Eagle Creek's most respected families, has been murdered. All the sheriff's department have to go on, however, is a film of Galloway that shows him being burned alive.

Enter Winter, whose expertise is serial criminals. But in a town where secrets are rife and history has a way of repeating itself, can Winter solve the case before someone else dies?

‘Gripping, clever and pulse-racing.’  Neil White

Broken Dolls is a No.1 Apple Bestseller!

June 2014

James Carol - one of the 'world's most promising authors' (Daily Express) has soared into the Apple free charts with Broken Dolls at No.1. 

The thrilling debut featuring unique investigator Jefferson Winter has made the front page of the Telegraph as part of Apple's promotion to give a free eBook a day this week to highlight emerging talent and 'exciting new literary voices'. 


Broken Dolls in The Telegraph


Broken Dolls Is A Top 10 Amazon Bestseller

March 2014

James Carol's Broken Dolls is No. 10 in the Kindle Bestsellers Store which features the top 100 paid for eBooks. Congratulations James!


'Toe-clenching, nail-biting, peep-from-behind-your-fingers suspense.' (S. J. Bolton)

'Visceral and gripping, Broken Dolls made me gasp in horror. Jefferson Winter is a welcome new genius, and I can't wait to meet him again.' (Neil White)

'A crazed serial killer, an eccentric FBI investigator,a tough female cop - all the ingredients here blend to make a brilliant police procedural. Jefferson Winter has to track down a psychopath whose fetish is to lobotomise women. The first of a series, this promises great, grisly things.' (Deirdre O'Brien Sunday Mirror)

'Strikingly well-researched and written with a real swagger, it leaves you desperate for more.' (Mail on Sunday)

'The plot device of bringing together the investigation on one side, with Rachel's experience at the hands of her abductor is an effective one...a rapid fire read ' (Euro Crime)

Broken Dolls Is A Bestseller!

January 2014

Broken Dolls by James Carol has gone straight to No. 19 in the iBooks charts. Huge congratulations James!

Winter is Coming

November 2013

The Darley Anderson Agency are thrilled to announce Broken Dolls by James Carol has been optioned by Sprout Pictures for adaptation into a television series provisionally entitled WINTER. Sprout Pictures is the award-winning independent Film & Television company founded in 2004 by Stephen Fry and Gina Carter. The deal was struck by our new Dramatic Rights Agent Sheila David.

Broken Dolls is the first title in James Carol’s Jefferson Winter crime series and will be published by Faber & Faber in January 2014.

Jefferson Winter is no ordinary investigator. The son of a notorious US serial killer, Winter has spent his life trying to distance himself from his father's legacy. Once a leading profiler for the FBI, he now leads a nomadic life, jet-setting around the world to consult with local police. Broken Dolls brings Winter to London where he must find and stop a disturbing psychopath.

For more news from James follow him on @JamesCarolBooks

Kiss Me, Kill Me out now on eBook!

February 2018

J.S. Carol's new book, Kiss Me, Kill Me is out now on eBook!

Kiss Me, Kill Me is, in the words of Lee Child, a 'truly sinister domestic noir', and early readers have been hooked by the story of Zoe, who tries to escape her abusive husband Daniel. 

Congratulations, James! 

The Quiet Man is published today

May 2017

The highly anticipated fourth Jefferson Winter novel from James Carol is out today.

The Quiet Man brings Winter to Vancouver in a race against time to track down a serial killer who is killing every year, on the same day, and in the same way.

“Strikingly well-researched and written with real swagger, it leaves you desperate for me” -Daily Mail

Congratulations James!

James Carol's Prey is out now!

February 2015

James Carol has released his latest Jefferson Winter spine-chilling instalment, Prey.

Six years ago a young married couple were found brutally stabbed to death in their home in pstate New York.Local police arrested a suspect who later committed suicide. But what if the police got it wrong?

Ex-FBI profiler Jefferson Winter is drawn into a deadly cat-and mouse game with a mysterious female psychopath as she sets him a challenge: find out what really happened six years ago.

The clock is ticking, and as Winter is about to find out, the endgame is everything . . .

James Carol 'Leaves you desperate for more' Daily Mail 

James Carol Joins The ITV Crime Thriller Bookclub!

September 2014

James Carol's second Jefferson Winter thriller, Watch Me, has been selected for the Crime Thriller Bookclub with Specsavers and ITV. Congratulations James!

This September there is an exciting TV series about crime writing on ITV3 called The Crime Thriller Club - sponsored by Specsavers. In each show a specially selected crime or thriller title will be critiqued, there are just six selected titles, of which Watch Me is one, which form the Crime Thriller Bookclub.

Ex-FBI profiler Jefferson Winter has taken a new case in sunny Louisiana, where the only thing more intense than the heat is a killer on the loose in the small town of Eagle Creek. But in a town where secrets are rife and history has a way of repeating itself, can Winter solve the case before someone else dies?

"A brilliant, conflicted profiler" - Stephen Fry

"Jefferson Winter is a welcome new genius, and I can't wait to meet him again" - Neil White

Presumed Guilty by James Carol is out NOW!

July 2014

The first in a special eBook only series: The Jefferson Winter Chronicles, featuring Jefferson Winter from bestselling eBook Broken Dolls, and introducing his mentor, Yoko Tanaka. Together they make an unforgettable team.

Special Agent Yoko Tanaka is one of the best profilers in the FBI. She's observant, smart and professional, but doesn't really play well with others. She's been called in to consult on the case of 'Valentino', a killer who steals his victims' hearts. Literally.

With five women already dead, time is running out for the police to catch the killer before he strikes again. Within twenty-four hours of Yoko's arrival they have a suspect in custody: a precocious nineteen-year-old kid called Jefferson Winter whose IQ is off the charts. He's also a textbook psychopath and the son of one of America's most notorious serial killers. Not only does he confess to the murders, he knows details of the crimes that only the killer could know. It's an open and shut case, or is it?

The next full-length Jefferson Winter novel, Watch Me, is publishing in August, but if you can't wait that long then try Broken Dolls, out now in paperback and eBook.


Broken Dolls Breaks New Record At No.2

March 2014

James Carol's Broken Dolls has soared into Amazon's UK eBook Top 5 at No.2!

AND he has hit the No.3  spot in Italy at No.3 on Amazon's bestselling eBook list. Congratulations James! 

Agency Authors Riding High on the iBooks Chart!

January 2014

Darley Anderson authors are finishing the week on a high with four of them in the top 25 paid for books in iBooks Chart!

James Carol leads the way at no.1 with his newly released Broken Dolls. Tim Weaver is a no.7 with Never Coming Back, the fourth in the David Raker series and Richard & Judy Book club pick. Lee Child is at no.6, no.11, no.12, no.16, no.17, no.18, no.22 and no.23! Finally, Martina Cole is at no.25 for Revenge.

A fantastic way to end January!


James Carol's Broken Dolls Is Out Now!

January 2014

Broken Dolls, the first Jefferson Winter thriller, is published by Faber & Faber on January 16, 2014.

To date, Broken Dolls has sold to five countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Thailand and Turkey and the TV rights were sold last year to Gina Carter and Stephen Fry at Sprout Pictures.

Stephen Fry said of Broken Dolls, “Broken Dolls has it all. Horrifying evil, a brilliant, conflicted profiler and cracking pace and tension. I read it in what seemed like two trembling gulps.”

Broken Dolls


Jefferson Winter is no ordinary investigator.

The son of one of America's most renowned serial killers, Winter has spent his life trying to distance himself from his father's legacy. Once a rising star at the FBI, he is now a freelance consultant, jetting around the globe helping local law enforcement agencies with difficult cases. He's not got Da Vinci's IQ, but he's pretty close.

When he accepts a particularly disturbing case in London, Winter arrives to find a city in the grip of a cold snap, with a psychopath on the loose who likes abducting and lobotomising young women. Winter must use all his preternatural brain power in order to work out who is behind the attacks, before another young woman becomes a victim.

As Winter knows all too well, however, not everyone who's broken can be fixed.

Thrilling New Talent

January 2013

2013 has started with a bang! The Darley Anderson agency are thrilled to welcome the fantastic James Carol and his protagonist Jefferson Winter.

Jefferson Winter is an ex FBI profiler travelling the world hunting serial criminals. He is very good at his job. Not because he can fight, or because he’s necessarily the best with a gun, but because he loves a puzzle and understands the evil mind. As the son of a renowned American serial killer he has learnt to accept there is darkness in his genes, an extra angle to how he views life. And it this innate twist to his personality that means he can make a difference.

Katherine Armstrong at Faber has bought the first two books in the Jefferson Winter series from Camilla Wray, and says 'I am thrilled to be publishing James Carol and his first two Jefferson Winter books. In Jefferson Winter, James has created a compulsively readable character who has the intelligence and the charisma to engage and entertain the reader. Think James Bond meets the Mentalist! It's a hugely enjoyable read and I look forward to working with James and developing the series.'

Broken Dolls is due for publication in the UK in early 2014. We’ve also already had fantastic foreign rights success with DTV in Germany acquiring the first two titles, Dutch rights for Broken Dolls have been sold to De Fontein and we have just concluded an Italian auction, won by Giunti.

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