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Three Brave Women

January 2014

Linked through marriage to three brothers, the Underwood women prove time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Jodie has travelled a hard road to reach her own prosperity, despite her husband's constant unreliability. Yet she can't bring herself to fully sever ties with John. But now with a potential new love waiting nearby, Jodie must make a decision she has been avoiding for too long.

Widowed at a young age, Lariane believes her marriage to Rick was perfect. He also left behind twin daughters, but is Lariane sacrificing their future happiness by looking for perfection? Will another man ever be good enough to fill Rick's shoes?

Dee has everything she ever wanted: a husband she adores and a beautiful little girl. But she knows that her family's happiness is founded on half-truths. How long before she must come clean with those she holds most dear?

Heartfelt and captivating, Three Brave Women is a story of loyalty, family and finding strength when all seems lost.


February 2013

Our superb saga star, Elizabeth Waite, has released her latest book Three Brides For Three Brothers - congratulations Elizabeth!

Her 18th book tells the story of Three women who each find love and marriage with one of three brothers in this nostalgic and romantic saga.

John, Rick and Derrick Underwood are the most handsome trio of brothers in town and it takes three exceptional women to convince them to settle down.

For Jodie, marrying John seemed exciting and romantic at the time but the reality of life is proving too much. Jodie loves her husband but she doesn't know how much more she can take of his dishonest ways.

Rick's marriage to Laraine is filled with love and adventure; their life is blissful - until one day it delivers a cruel blow. Everything begins to unravel and Laraine isn't sure she's strong enough to survive.

Dee is smitten with her husband, Derrick. He does all he can to provide for her so when he's sent away to sea, she knows she will be all right. But suddenly she stops hearing from Derrick - where is he?

One Brave Lady

January 2014

We are so proud that Elizabeth Waite’s sixteenth novel, Three Brave Women, will be published next month.

Elizabeth embarked on her writing career many years after retirement and her success is more than impressive – we feel it is inspirational.

And there is now a new contract with Little Brown so this time next year we will be showcasing book 17!

Elizabeth not only does not “give up” – like her beloved heroines, she contrives to bring triumph out of adversity.

Three Brave Women is the follow up book to Three Brides For Three Brothers, out last year - a story of love and loyalty.

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