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Kimberly Willis

Kimberly Willis was brought up in Toronto and Bristol and now lives in very leafy Sheffield.

Kimberly is a weight loss specialist, hypnotherapist and life coach. She is married to Michael and they have two daughters who keep them very busy.

The Little Book of Diet Help came as a result of Kimberly’s work with her weight loss groups.

Kimberly works in Sheffield and London and you can find out more here.

Diet Coach

This title has previously been published as The Little Book of Diet Help.

The Little Book of Diet Help

This is an inspirational diet book with a difference.

It is a non-diet book - with no restrictions, point-counting, calorie-watching or danger foods.

Instead, THE LITTLE BOOK OF DIET HELP is a pocket-sized guide full of tried and tested practical tips and tricks that restrictive diet plans cannot compete with.

Author Kimberly Willis focuses on you, rather than the food, to help you beat cravings and take control of your eating habits. She uses a combination of yoga, hypnotherapy, NLP, acupressure and common-sense to identify ways in which you can really change your eating habits. Whether it is remembering key slogans (a glass of wine is the same as a glass of pasta), trying new distraction techniques (rubbing your finger between your nose and your top lip when cravings hit) or taking the time to really chew and taste each mouthful you eat, you will find strategies and coping methods that really work for you.  

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Agency
UK & Commonwealth Little, Brown
North America Simon and Schuster
Brazil Record
Croatia Profil
Germany DTV
Italy Mondadori
Japan Discover 221
Korea Sam & Parkers
Portugal Lua de Papel
Serbia Laguna
Spain Random House Mondadori
Turkey Epsilon

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