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Emma Kavanagh

Emma was born in Wales in 1978 and currently lives in South Wales with her husband and their one year old son. She trained as a psychologist and after leaving university, started her own business as a psychology consultant, specialising in human performance in extreme situations. For seven years she provided training and consultation for police forces and NATO and military personnel throughout the UK and Europe.

Her third novel, The Missing Hours, was published in April 2016.

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The Missing Hours

A woman disappears

One moment, Selena Cole is in the playground with her children and the next, she has vanished without a trace.

A woman returns

Twenty hours later, Selena is found safe and well, but with no memory of where she has been.

What took place in those missing hours, and are they linked to the discovery of a nearby murder?

‘Is it a forgetting or a deception?’ 

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World Darley Anderson Agency
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Italy Newton Compton



A gunman is stalking the wards of a local hospital. He's unidentified and dangerous, and has to be located. Urgently.

Police Firearms Officer Aden McCarthy is tasked with tracking him down. Still troubled by the shooting of a schoolboy, Aden is determined to make amends by finding the gunman - before it's too late.

Charlie’s old school friend is found dead at the side of the road and the police conclude that it’s an accident. Charlie isn’t so sure, but the police and her colleagues aren’t interested in hearing her theories.


To psychologist Imogen, hospital should be a place of healing and safety - both for her, and her young niece who's been recently admitted. She's heard about the gunman, but he has nothing to do with her. Or has he?

As time ticks down, with all three seeking answers, no one knows who the gunman's next target will be. But he's there. Hiding in plain sight. Far closer than anyone thinks...

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Agency
UK & Commonwealth Arrow
Italy Newton Compton


A town in mourning. A murder in waiting.

Jim is a retired police officer and worried father. His beloved daughter has disappeared and he knows something is seriously wrong.

Tom has woken up to discover that his wife was on the plane and must break the news to their only son.

Cecilia has packed up and left her family. Now she has survived a tragedy but sees no way out.

Freya is struggling to cope with the loss of her father. But as she delves into his past, she may not like what she finds.

Before the plane crash, after the plane crash, such a short amount of time for the world to turn on its head.

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World Darley Anderson Agency
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