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Our literary agents specialise in bestselling commercial fiction including thrillers, mysteries, crime, horror, fantasy, women's, chick-lit, accessible literary, comedy, children's and YA fiction. We have film and TV agents in the UK and US who help to bring our bestselling books to the big and small screen.

The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency was founded by Darley Anderson in 1988 and is based in London, with an office in Hay on Wye.

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I've got the best agent in London

Martina Cole

There are agents, there are good agents, there are super agents, and then there's Darley Anderson

Lee Child

Recent Bestsellers

Martina Cole

Martina Cole went straight to No.1 after her first week of sales!

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Behind Closed Doors
B.A. Paris

A New York Times bestseller and over half a million copies sold in the UK.

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Broken Heart
Tim Weaver

Went straight to No.10 after its first full week of sales!

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Wednesday 1st February

‘Martina Cole’s success must be a source of envy for many’   Independent, 2016 Not many people would argue with that. This year marks 25 years since Martina’s debut novel Dangerous Lady was...

Friday 23rd December

Lee Child s Night School is the No.1 Bestselling Hardback Fiction title of 2016. And Martina Cole s Betrayal is the No.2 Bestselling Hardback Fiction title of 2016. Nicknamed Darley the Deal by Martina many years ago, Darley...

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